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  • Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs in Radio + Technology Mass Surveillance
    Angela discusses artificial intelligence replacing jobs w/ iHeartMedia's layoffs, mass surveillance using technology, and more with Shawn Gunn. Shawn started his career on Wall Street and has created over $1 billion in value for investors as an executive, entrepreneur and investor with brands like Microsoft, NAVTEQ, Hearst, IHS and Nokia.
    Angela Benton Angela Benton

  • Confidence takes practice, w/ Dr Maureen Murat, Esq. by Samson Williams
    On this episode of This Call Is Being Recorded, we have a quick chat with Dr. Maureen Murat, Esq, aka @CrowdieAdvisors on the idea that "Confidence takes practice." Are you confident? Do you want to become more confident in life and business?
    Samson Williams Samson Williams

  • [VC Unlocked] Key Legal Terms for Early-Stage VCs
    Learn more about 500 Startups' investor education programs: Website - Twitter -
    500 Startups 500 Startups

  • Sundar Pichai: AI will have greater impact than electricity
    Sundar Pichai this week formally took control of Google's owner company Alphabet. Here he underlines the importance of AI for the future of humanity and explains how he is fundamentally optimistic about the promise of the technology.
    World Economic Forum World Economic Forum

  • Bonus episode 14 - WeWork thoughts by Your First Million
    In this bonus episode, I share my thoughts about WeWork. Credits Music by Jeff Kaale (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Arlan Hamilton Arlan Hamilton

  • Equity Crowdfunding = Customer Acquisition
    Oftentimes, when businesses are raising money, they keep their customers out of the equation. But with equity crowdfunding, you can bring them along for the ride. There's nothing better than being a business with customers.
    Crowdie Advisors LLC Crowdie Advisors LLC

  • 2Techies with Angel Rich S2:EP16
    2 Techies is a series of candid conversations, usually over beer, featuring entrepreneurs of South Florida's tech and innovation scene. Ranging from current topics to personal passions, these organic conversations shows a more laid-back look at the individuals making moves to highlight their cities.
    Digital Grassroots Innovation & Technology Digital Grassroots Innovation & Technology

  • Some helpful advice for new founders
    I was just asked to list some helpful tips for new founders. Here are quick thoughts: Never build alone.
    Maya Horgan Famodu Maya Horgan Famodu 8 months ago

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